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Is your organization ready to better manage potential risks? Our compliance hotline service provides you with the anonymous platform your employees need to speak out against misconduct, fraud, or unethical practices. Let us be your trusted partner in promoting transparency, ethics, and accountability with our state-of-the-art anonymous reporting platform delivered at an unbeatable price point.

Anonymous and Secure

Anonymity is our top priority. We offer secure and confidential channels for your employees to report any concerns or observations without the fear of retaliation. Rest assured, your identity will remain protected.

Multiple Reporting Methods

Anonymous reporters can make reports via the web or by phone. Our application also allows customers to create manual events, to help track and manage all events in single place.

Case Management

ComplyLine includes Case Management features that meet the needs of organizations of any size. Smaller organizations appreciate the simplicity of the application, while large organizations can manage events by creating multiple sites/locations, users and roles, custom tags, and event assignment features. Click here for more information about how our ethics hotline works.


ComplyLine leverages the industry’s leading automated attendant and transcription technologies to ensure availability and accuracy are second to none.

Affordable and Transparent Flat Fee Pricing

By leveraging cutting edge technologies, ComplyLine has the ability to offer ethics hotline services far below the industry average – and being family owned, that’s exactly what we’ve chosen to do. Get a quote below.

The Perfect Fit, No Matter Your Industry

Private and Public Corporations

Government Agencies


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